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Happiness Runs After Him

I woke up to the smell of coffee. Then he handed a cup to me. I did nothing to deserve sharing a coffee with him. Just what we do.

My husband. He. is. kind.

Because of his kindness, I think, happiness runs after him.

A bit about him: His father died at 74. My husband turned 74 this summer. And he is highly awake to his age.

Over the last year, he has made several comments about turning 74. It’s like an undercurrent popping out of different conversations from time to time.

How do other people get through that strange year? The year men turn the age when their dad died or women turning the age when their mom died.

The way my husband is coping may be by going back to work.

After having visited a carwash, he walked into the kitchen where I was stirring vegetables. He said, “You know, retirement is not in the Bible.”

I agreed.

“Well,” he continued, “it’s not for everyone.” I looked at him. “I filled out a job application today.”

“You did what?” I was stunned.

I repeated his words to make sure I was hearing correctly. “You filled out a job app?”

“Yep, they were advertising it at the carwash. They want a mature person with some mechanical abilities. It’s for part-time work. I think I can do it.”

He went on, “No cleaning of cars. Just making sure the equipment is working right. That and helping the customers. You know, just being kind and helpful on where to put cards or money, answering questions.” He grins. “It’s not rocket science.”

“Okay,” I said, “but you may have to work on that mature part.” We laughed together.

Two days and two interviews later, he started working as an attendant at the carwash.

I have been making lunches and processing this for almost a month now.

My husband is the kindest and most helpful human I know. The job is a no-brainer for him. Easy because he goes with the flow, likes people, and turns mechanical problems into puzzles.

I cannot find one reason he should not do this new adventure. He is having fun and has more energy than a puppy.

As time has passed, he has shared how he’d considered Lowe’s and Walmart last year, but never applied because most of the employees work inside. He knew he needed the sunlight and wanted to somehow work with people.

Last week after work, he was bubbling with a story about meeting a veteran of Desert Storm with multiple ribbons and what an honor to salute him. Another good story came later about a 103-year-old man he found delightful.

When he leaves home to go to work, he never knows what adventure is in store for him. Only that he’ll have a good time. This makes him a happy man.

And his happiness spills sunshine wherever he goes.

I’m making spaghetti, hoping for an early supper and a good story.

May the angels of the greater Light watch over you.

Pat Durmon

P.S. – Comments welcome below.

Photo of coffee mugs by Pat Durmon, Norfork, Arkansas, October 19, 2017.

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