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The Heart of the Educational System

My earliest teachers: my mama and my daddy, Grandma Guffey, Aunt Effie, Aunt Mary Ellen, siblings, too—my older brother, for sure. We grew up with rules. Unwritten, of course. But if you were told three times, it became a rule in my house, written or not. No sass-back. Chores, of course. No matter how my mama and daddy talked, acted, reacted, I learned from watching and listening. They were my first teachers, whether they thought I was listening or not. Some lessons had to be unlearned and reworked in later years. I was also influenced by teachers at church. I don’t remember any of the church teachers’ names, but they smelled real nice. They read stories from the Bible about God and Jesus. W

It's a Sure Sign

I’m a big picture person. Not a detail person. It’s a gift and a curse. Names, technology, science, systems elude me. But when it comes to relationships, history, literature, I seem to get by right well. This didn’t start as an adult. I think God made me this way in the beginning. It showed up in elementary school. I thought maybe I was bored or slow. Whatever, it’s still with me, especially when it’s mathematical. I worked hard “to get it” in geometry class, but it wouldn’t come. Also, I was easily distracted. I watched every movement in the classroom. I sat near the back and named my condition “boredom.” Was it? I don’t know. But in English class or History class, I smiled like a big cat.


When I was a kid, my heroes were Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Gene Autry, Superman, Mighty Mouse. They were the good guys in movies, cartoons, comic books. My heroes were outstanding in some way: they were smart, two flew, all lived according to the law, they helped other people. In fact, they helped at the risk of getting hurt themselves. Being young and human, I couldn’t do what Dale Evans or Superman did. However, I knew right from wrong and could identify injustices. Did I take them on? No, but my respect level for those connected with any injustice was lowered. This happened unconsciously, but it happened. Heroes. Why is it important to have heroes? They represent the best we can be. As an

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