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Fiber Optics Is Coming to Our Area!

At the library in town. My computer is suddenly jazzy. Weaves in and out of google, email, photos, Facebook, and websites with ease, gliding like it’s in a long, flowing dress. Everything in the high-tech world sways like couples of the Big Band Era. I want to applaud it when I’m there! The library is packed with people at the computer lab. They are after fast with little or no frustration. It’s about gigabits! Speed! The more gigabits, the faster it works. Nothing to do with coronavirus. Google explains it this way: A fiber optic cable is a network cable that contains strands of glass fibers inside an insulated casing. They're designed for long-distance, high-performance data networking and

A Mama-Thing

If I believe in behaviors, which I surely do, I have a big case of this mama-thing. Even with people who are not related to me! Surely I’m not the only one who does these things. Just take yesterday, for example. My niece, who had a little stress in a new job, came to the hills to get revived. She was on the verge of a cold. Of course I said, “Come. Get rested. Get revived.” After she arrived, she told us her realization. “The mountains calm me.” I tried to take that fact into my heart and saw it was true for me, too. The mountains are a place of comfort, of calmness. She is an adult and knows what her body needs: rest, quiet, water, a place to do laundry. I offered vitamin C and a cough med

Temporary School Closings

In 1958, I was a fourteen-year-old girl in North Little Rock. As I think about that city, it seems like every day was hot. I know that can’t be true. I recall the downtown traffic, one car always smashed up against another. (I had no idea at the time that I had a depth perception issue!) I walked along watching sky, trees, houses, and people. Like me, the people touched Coca Colas, books, bus tokens, dimes, the bus, benches. No one thought much about germs. Let me rephrase that: I didn’t think about germs. Either it was out of my awareness or it was not being brought to my attention. When I had a token or a dime, I’d take the bus. I’d hold on to a bar and bounce along. Usually I’d wind up si

Cinnamon Rolls

My eyes. They hurt. They need rest from reading and writing. I’ve been trying to meet deadlines. Self-imposed, of course! Two days ago, my hairdresser told me about a new recipe she’d found on Pinterest. She raved about it, so I wrote the ingredients down while I was in her shop. She is a gift in many ways. When serving them, it looks like it must have taken hours to prepare, but it doesn’t. So easy. You'll need: Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls, frozen, 12 rolls (They come in a bag that includes two tubes of icing. In Mountain Home, Arkansas, I found them at Town & Country. I had never even heard of this brand before!) 1 package dry vanilla pudding (Cook & Serve, NOT Instant) Cinnamon to taste A st

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