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Miniature goats have taken up residence with us. Tawny and white, black and white, black and brown. They live on the side yard, fenced in by chicken wire. They run free inside the fence. There are two does, one buck, and three young ones, one of whom is nursing. All, a mystery to me. When they see us in the yard, the screaming begins. So equal. So individual. It’s every goat for him- or herself. Each one wants to be high on the mountain of hay, at the top on stumps, high on carts—placed there for that purpose, of course. The trees within reach have been trimmed by them. And, with long handled clippers, we trim other trees in the neighborhood to give them a feast of leaves. (Willow tree and

What Did I Leave Behind This Time?

I intentionally look around the hotel room or bedroom, trying to not leave anything behind. Do you do that, too? And do you still leave things behind? I do. Things like tennis shoes in a darkened corner, a plugged-in charger for a phone, an alarm clock. The list varies as I look farther back. I don’t mind so much when it’s fog, cold air, or leaves I leave behind because I know my seasons. I expect that loss, and I know it’ll come around again. But when I don’t expect it, when I don’t know it’s coming, I have to adjust on the inside and the outside. I may have to go barefoot or make another pair of shoes work. I’ll need to ask someone to awaken me at a particular time, and I make another stop

Another Lesson

My husband and I were called to the mountains, so here we are. I’ve had many lessons on compassion, honesty, and respect during my lifetime. I also moved here able to already identify a cooing dove and whippoorwill, but I knew far more about the sounds of an ambulance, fire truck, police car than the singing of coyotes. Keeping that in mind, I share a little story. The dogs were outside—and what a racket! A doe was caught in the cage-trap meant for wild hogs! I called a neighbor to come quick and free the doe. She was tangled and mangled, and Sadie, the calmer dog, was no help. Sadie was having a duck-fit, wanting a piece of that deer! Barking and growling from dogs and a deer thrashing, flo

Grabbing Moments

Every moment has a melody. Not sure why I do not grab every moment, but I don’t. However, on two trips to Mountain Home, Arkansas, this week, I slowed down and watched the people around me. I mean really watched. If we watch closely and God willing, maybe we can take a few of those sweet faces into our nineties with us. *** Dollar Store—I chose this store because it’s usually a quick stop with short lines. Three items and I’m standing behind a family ready to check out. A little girl, maybe five years old, is whiny. She wants to pay for her own toy. Her dad gives her a dollar. She is happy and hands the toy and money to the clerk. When the clerk returns a few pennies in change to her, the gi

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