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Taking a Break

I’ve been sorting thoughts and laundry. After weeks of prayer and contemplation, I’ve concluded that I need to take a three-month break from writing my blog.

Writing. I love it. I’ve been writing poetry for many years, blogs for almost four. Clearly, what I do has become “a good habit.” It gives me joy. When I share it with readers, my joy is doubled.

Readers, you are full of kindness. Many of you give me feedback, verbally or in writing. It keeps me going like those summers my sisters and I played outdoor games. I never wanted to stop and go indoors to eat.

I think back on those days. There was a wild joy to it. I’d rather have play than eat, I’d rather tell stories to young brothers and sisters than string clover chains.

There was an awesomeness about it. Same awe I find in the writing process. A deepness happens, a magic, a sorting.

Towels to the right, socks to the left. Sort and fold, sort and fold.

I’ve been sorting things since I was a kid. Helpful to have the major things in place. Doesn’t matter if it’s homework, cups in the cupboard, ideas, or chairs around the table. I need some amount of order.

If order exists, then rest can happen. If rest happens, I think creativity gets ignited in a bigger way.

My time with Jesus and scripture pushes me toward “rest.” All of it leads me to Psalms 23, Verse 2: He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. (NIV Bible)

How do I get that refreshment?

I need to take a break for the summer. Not traveling, not vacationing, not doing big things, not writing a blog.

Blank time. I need blank time.

That’s my plan, so this will be my last blog until the beginning of fall, which comes at the end of September.

It feels like some deeper part of me is calling me. It’s a small thing to others, perhaps, but it’s a large thing in my life.

Being the sorter-type person I am, it’ll give my mind a break. I’m not sick, I feel good, and I still need the time-out, the break.

I know people who take breaks from housework, Facebook, jobs, writing, art. It’s a beautiful model for me.

The wren nesting in my hanging petunias chirps, flies in, flies out. I’ve been that kind of busy. But now, I’m called to rest beside still waters. I just need to be obedient.

The image in my mind is resting beside quiet water. I’m called to that kind of stillness.

I’ve been living beside a rushing river (literally) and my thoughts have been spinning, but I am being led toward stillness, quietness.

Thank you, Lord, for the goodness in sorting, the working hands, the problem-solving ability. But now, to slow down, retreat, lower expectations.

As I bend over laundry, I think about all the women on every continent bending. What a great community I have. It’s a wonder, a blessing.

I’m thankful for kind readers. It’s a joy to be with you. I plan to continue the connection in September.

If I come to your mind, just think of me as being well but more surrendered, sitting beside a pond of still water. I thank you for being in my life. Meanwhile, you live your joy story.

Au revoir, adios, and I’ll see you in September!

Pat Durmon

Pat's poetry books are written in contemporary style. Very readable! If you would like to purchase one or more, the icons below the photo are linked to their Amazon pages.

Cotter’s Pond, near Norfork, Arkansas.

Photographed by Makayla Mattix, June 2020.

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