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Kiddie Songs

My niece, on Christmas break from college, has been visiting for a few days. She has been sick with the crud. I notice how she lets blankets and worship music soothe her.

I understand. A song can get stuck in my head for the entire day, insisting on comforting me.

One of two songs usually come when I’m in a hard place. Either “Jesus Loves Me” or “Into My Heart.” They are little kiddie songs I learned in church when I was young. They were uplifting to me then, they are uplifting to me now. They calm the child inside of me when I’m feeling vulnerable, when I need a safe, homey place.

Today I am sharing one of those songs with you. It’s an easy, repetitive song. (I think the repetition sends it from my head down into my heart.)

Actually, the song is an invitation to Jesus. In my mind’s eye, I can see Jesus standing on the porch, waiting for me to open the door and invite Him inside. However, he’s such a gentleman that he will not pound on the door. He knocks and waits until I am ready to invite him inside.

It is after I invite Him inside my heart that I start to know Him. Not just know about Him, but really know Jesus. And once I have invited Him into my heart, He is mine. He belongs to me. What’s more, He will never let me go, never ever leave me. Even if I am headed into a horrible storm or toward a big loss, I can count on Jesus to stay with me.

After I took Him into my heart, Jesus believed in me. Hard for me to grasp, but because Jesus is inside of me, He now believes in me!

I’m 72 years old, and this kiddie song still works for me. (There are more verses, but this is the one I depend on.)

Into my heart, into my heart,

Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.

Come in today, come in to stay,

Come into my heart, Lord Jesus.

I sing like a sparrow or maybe a crow, but that does not matter a lick. The words touch something deep inside my core. Again, I die to self and take Jesus a bit deeper into my heart. Emotions well up, then spill. It’s a mystery. I say thank you.

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13, New King James Version)

Photo by Pat Durmon on Shipps Drive, Norfork, Arkansas. January 6, 2017.

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