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Coincident? I think not!

When two or more things have happened at one time, I am surprised. I use to call them happenstances, flukes, coincidences. I might have said “uncanny,” noting the timing, the inexplicable. Then I’d dismiss the incident.

No more. I now call them God-incidents.

On Easter Sunday the grandchildren were sitting with us in church. The special program included a video and songs. Coordination. At one point, the screen showed Jesus on the cross, a storm brewing, thunder and lightning. Then, boom! Outside our country church, a sudden storm! The sky thundered! Talk about synchronization!

12-year-old grandson leaned forward and looked at me.

“Coincidence,” he confirmed.

I smiled, looking back.

“God-incidence,” I whispered.

They happen all around us, all the time.

Not long ago, I saw a woman in the car next to me at the red light. She was singing her heart out. And it was the same song I was humming! Both of us, listening to K-LOVE, a radio station playing a worship song.

We were listening to the same song at the same time, worshiping the same God in the same way at the same instant! God-incident!

We do not know each other. A delight I carried around with me all day.

My point: I could never have made that happen, directed it, synchronized it, no matter how hard I might have worked: the red light, her pulling up in her red car beside me, the window down, her singing, me humming.

Be on the look-out and get tuned in! An awesome God is with us, and God-incidents are happening in your life too.


Pat Durmon

All comments welcome (below the photo.)

Photo by Alathea Daniels of a sunset at Good Samaritan Nursing Home in Mountain Home, Arkansas, December 2014.

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