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Too Good to Not Share

Thanksgiving is still going on. Nice how that can happen. Four of us are older and leaning toward white hair if not there already. I’m trying to take whatever I see and hear to hold inside of me for another year. It’s that good. I watch how everyone responds to a red-haired, three-year-old girl flitting around like a butterfly, how they light up when she says, Thank you. Such power in small words. Same girl twirls at blurring speeds when she dances with her daddy (down on his knees), entertaining anyone watching. At the end of the dance, they smile and bow. Applause. We have three couples present who are in the midst of the hardest job in the world: parenting. All six, eating, sleeping, livi

Giving Thanks in the Midst of Smoke

I am blessed to know a woman with the attitude of gratitude. Her name is Mary Kathryn Marcom. She lives north of San Francisco where people are checking smoke levels, wearing masks, praying for rain, and staying indoors as much as possible. Knowing Mary Kathryn to be a grateful soul, I asked if she’d tell me, in written form, what she is giving thanks for this year. I was highly aware she lived where it was smoky. The highlights of what she wrote are below for you. (Mary Kathryn gave me permission to share them with you.) 1. I am grateful to be in the smoke and not the fire. 2. Grateful for my family and pets (though one dog is in the process of dying.) 3. Grateful to have a place to call ho

Voting at Lone Rock

Midmorning. We entered the parking lot at the church where we vote. We could not believe our eyes. So many cars. Wonderful turnout. We smiled. We live in a rural area, so this does not fit with what we know. Usually, everything is brief. Briefly we enter the building, briefly we vote. Everything takes less than 10 or 15 minutes. Today we walked through the doors and found more than 25 voters, all seated in folding chairs, waiting. Not what I’d counted on. I had a list of things waiting for me at home—a cabin to clean, food to prepare. Overnight guest coming. I wrote my name for the poll worker and showed I.D. Immediately, the man in front of me turned and happily showed me a photo on his cam

Leaves, Of Course!

It happens every October, but has it ever been more breathtaking than this year? Showy leaves, an extravaganza. It makes me feel quick and bouncy, like I did as a child. I wake up and widen my eyes to see the spectacular. So many colors. The dogwoods and hickories flaunt a display, as if performing on stage. The ginkgo, just now turning. One morning soon, all the yellowing leaves will fall at once. It’s bam! and every fan-shaped leaf will be on the ground. Clearly, I am in the dazzle of trees, so I’m leaning into it. Someone talks science and reminds me that it won’t last, that it is the beauty before winter. I know this already, of course, but I’m determined to not let that piece of knowled

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