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It’s about how you look at the world. You either think nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle. I lean toward the latter.

Some may be harder for us to see. Probably those right in front of you and me.

It’s a Wonder by Pat Durmon

that I have ripe tomatoes on my counter from south Arkansas

that the moon sails across the sky, whether we see it or not

that bridges of every sort can be built and crossed

that zebra swallowtails flit from flower to flower

that you and I were blessed with healthy imaginations

that you simply repent and Jesus belongs to you, you to Him

that order improves thinking

that music and laughter are good medicine

that wheelbarrows help people, near and far

that mountains and rivers become teachers

that walking home in dying light tastes sweet

that after death on earth, we’ll have a new name

that a coffin resembles a treasure chest

that a bawling baby brings hope to a mother

that rain can come after a long dry season

that chocolate is a temporary joy

that wordless gestures seem most memorable

that a woodpecker counts our territory as his

that the empty future will somehow get filled up

that there’s more to this life than we know

that the scent of my life will fall on the days of others.


If you slow down and look and listen and smell and taste, you can probably create your own list of beautiful, awesome, fantastic miracles.

Writing slows me down; listing gratitudes puts everything into perspective.

God bless,

Pat Durmon

Tomatoes from South Arkansas, a gift from friends. Photographed by Pat Durmon, June 27, 2021.

Poetry Books by Pat Durmon


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