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Making Meaning Out of the World

Let me begin by saying I believe in poetry. It is the way some of us make meaning out of the messiness of the world. I think it helps me pay closer attention to the little things. At least, closer than I once did. I have an ever-growing appreciation for what I find in the world.

I write poetry because it’s fun. Also, I think it helps me discover more about others and about myself. It may help me feel a little closer to people.

April is National Poetry Month. This year, I attended Lucidity Poetry Retreat in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Only one focus: to improve poets’ poetry.

Our leaders offered imaginative ways to create poetry. A few instructions, but not many. We were turned loose to create. First, we wrote non-stop. We mined gold nuggets from the free writing. Then we created poems from that process. I learned another way to write when I feel mentally blocked.

Today, I’m sharing one of the poems that came from the workshop. It came from my imagination, and it was such fun to write. Feel free to comment below. I am ready to receive your thoughts.

God bless,

Pat Durmon

Prior to a Decision

She has a scar in her heart.

It’s from long ago when she lived

as a brown bear.

The bear was heavy, lumbering,

nearsighted. Everything

distant was a blur. Her strong legs

climbed mountains and slopes

in search of berries and honey.

She sniffed and followed

her nose.

Her nose led her to a birdfeeder.

She balanced on hind legs,

tipped the feeder, poured seeds

into her mouth. Then, barking dogs.

The bear climbed a walnut tree.

The tree was a fine place for thinking.

After hours passed, she backed down

to the ground. It took courage.

No, it wasn’t courage. It was

determination to move on.

Moving on is painful and hard.

Wait, it’s not a brown bear:

it’s a woman! Once she was home,

she filed for divorce.

- Pat Durmon

P. S. Space below for your comments.

Photographed April 24, 2022, by Pat Durmon.

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