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Going Home: A Memoir

Kindest friends,

Some of you know that I have been working on Lee Farrier’s memoir. He is 90 years old, and he has an amazing story—one of those special stories where every chapter touches the heart. But accuracy has required much research. Eventually in the writing, I had to make a decision about my time. (I only get 24 hours per day!) I chose to give this book priority. For me, it meant blogging very little and delaying a poetry book. It also meant fewer activities, ignoring some housework, and seeing friends less. At times, I was spent. I thank you for your understanding and patience.



Going Home: A Memoir, the story of Lee R. Farrier from Norfork, Arkansas, is now in print. There are over 70 photos of people and places. The storyteller (Lee Farrier), the editor (Alathea Daniels), and the author (me, Pat Durmon) are donating the profits from sales of this book to Norfork High School for scholarships. You will see why as you read the book.

The book is priced to sell at $25. If you order it from me and I need to send it to you, shipping and handling will be $5 extra. The book is also available on Amazon.

In this memoir, you will meet a man, born in 1932, who exposes his struggles and his heart to readers. No one can make this stuff up! Beginning with his birth in a coal truck in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the reader will follow a boy as he grows into a young man and then matures, slowly finding a deep sense of belonging, meaning, and connection. Why did I choose to write this book? Because I believed Lee had a story that needed to be told. Because there are multi-layers of this most unusual and beautiful love story, which includes love from a small town in America. Only God could have orchestrated some of the happenings in Lee's story.

As author of the memoir, my goal was to write this courageous story with straight-forward honesty. As Lee answered my questions and spoke his thoughts aloud, he was still piecing his puzzle together. Maybe he emptied himself of himself, and now he offers us, the readers, his heart. In any case, one of Lee’s strongest desires is to give his story away. He bravely and freely says, Here is my story. Help yourself. Use whatever part of it you need.

In Going Home: A Memoir, Lee R. Farrier willingly shares his humanness and many of the events of his life that helped shape the man he is today. His story is incredible in its truth and in the way it demonstrates forgiveness and great love. His story transfigures pain. Lee hopes his sharing offers courage to others who struggle with their lives, and joy to all those who recognize the importance of embracing life as it is lived.

According to Lee, his story is the most valuable thing he has. He is offering it to you.

Giving thanks for my readers,

Pat Durmon

P.S. Going Home: A Memoir by Pat Durmon with Lee R. Farrier is my first prose book. After you read it, I would so appreciate a review on Thank you!

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10 Αυγ 2023

Wonderful book.

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