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Life-Long Friends

Bright and sassy, Joy caught a cowbird with a broken leg. She mended it, taught it to whistle, named it Ringo, gave it a television. Bebopping around, she modeled how to walk like a bird. Then she sang a Beatles song to Ringo, letting her ponytail flippity-flop.

One starry evening, Fletcher dressed in heels and blue satin like a starlet and sat herself down in front of a wide-screen where she imagined chatting with the movie star Julia Roberts. Fletcher fit right in.

Anna mimicked a mannequin in a department store where we planned to shop. One minute, she was frozen in place, the next, quipping words to unsuspecting shoppers, Hi there! Good to have you here with us today! Oh, the shock, the hilarity.

Would I choose these women again to be part of my tribe? A thousand times, I would.

by Pat Durmon

(Names have been changed to protect the innocent...) Women, Resilient Women (2015)


P. S.

Dear kindest friends and readers,

This October, I am putting poetry rather than prose on my blog. One poem per week. Each selected poem has been published in one of my four books. My poetry books are listed below. If you click on a book, it will take you to its page. I appreciate any purchases, any reviews.

Thank you and Blessings,

Pat Durmon



Back row: Pat Durmon, Judy Fleming, Mary Ann Trulock, Ann Laser. Middle row: Mary Matthews. Front row: Ann Lovern. Long-time friends, photographed by Tom Fleming, circa 1985.

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