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Pancakes. My husband and I sit at the table while grandchildren serve our waiting plates.

It’s sprinkling rain outside. Hospitality from God. I am presently relieved about the willow tree. Will she make it or not? She is losing leaves.

Today I’ll sauté yellow squash and onions. Squash, given to us by a friend. She had abundance, and gave it away, living out her belief. Generous. She is known by her fruits.

The Bible says all of us will be known by our fruits. “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law” (Galatians 5:22-23, New King James Version). There’s nothing mentioned about intentions.

A grandchild turns on the lamp. The dog sleeps curled in a chair.

I am reminded of yesterday’s visit with another friend. I prize her listening skills. Finally I tell my family what I’ve already told her. (That’s how close a few friends are. Like chosen family members, almost like adopting without the legal paperwork. Maybe it happens heart to heart.)

Friends. They spray light into our lives.

People believing no one cares about them die slowly. People live fully by believing others care, believing there are plenty of friends, goodness, time.

From the table, I see the perennials blooming in the yard. God’s gift. There’s always enough love, enough flowers, enough mercy.

Like a garden. If we believe we can only have one tomato, that’s probably all we’ll take. If we believe we can have only one friend, that’s all we’ll allow ourselves. Belief in scarcity.

If allowed in our minds, there’s time and space enough for Jesus, family, friends. We can have it all. Abundance is available.

It may mean we must break down the gates inside ourselves to let others come in. It has nothing to do with circumstances, where we live, or how messy our lives are at the time. We can have friends if we’ll be honest and true and loyal. It has to do with our beliefs.

I get up from the table and turn the lamp up a notch. Abundant light.

Abundant blessings,

Pat Durmon

P.S. - Grateful for any comments you have. You can post them under the photo of the two friends.

Photo by Pat Durmon of two friends sharing, June 2017.

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