December 16, 2019

God is in front of us like a boulder in the middle of the highway. Do I usually see and recognize His plan? No, I do not.

My husband and I try to schedule quarterly appointments with different doctors at the same hour in the same clinic.

First, we are escorted to a waiti...

February 11, 2019

No one calls it a reunion, but two brothers and a sister (with spouses) come together. They are in their seventies and still have one another.

Each one, aware anything can happen to any one of them. Two couples contend with the whizzing freeway world to get here and hid...

January 7, 2019

How can I tell you?

Rectangles are everywhere in the living area of our house. Cell phones, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo DS, cords and chargers. New toys for smart boys. When playing, they are quiet and happy and focused.

I’m old school and don’t understand half of it.

I see...

December 17, 2018

Rain had fallen for days. Puddles, all over the yard. The days had been dark and cold. I could feel it inside my body.

It made me reflect on the dark days more than 2,000 years ago. The world was not at its finest when baby Jesus came into the world. He had picked the t...

December 10, 2018

4:00 p.m. It’s Friday, December 7th. I’m on time at Curious Craftsman, a shop in Norfork, Arkansas, ready to sign books for four hours. Here, just in case someone buys a book and wants it signed.

I’m pretty disciplined about writing. But not so good about marketing what...

November 26, 2018

Thanksgiving is still going on. Nice how that can happen. Four of us are older and leaning toward white hair if not there already. I’m trying to take whatever I see and hear to hold inside of me for another year. It’s that good.

I watch how everyone responds to a red-ha...

November 19, 2018

I am blessed to know a woman with the attitude of gratitude. Her name is Mary Kathryn Marcom.

She lives north of San Francisco where people are checking smoke levels, wearing masks, praying for rain, and staying indoors as much as possible.

Knowing Mary Kathryn to be a g...

November 5, 2018

It happens every October, but has it ever been more breathtaking than this year? Showy leaves, an extravaganza. It makes me feel quick and bouncy, like I did as a child.

I wake up and widen my eyes to see the spectacular.

So many colors. The dogwoods and hickories flaunt...

October 29, 2018

Sweater weather.

Friday afternoon: I arrive at the Mennonite Fellowship Building located behind the church, beside the creek. Laughter. I turn my head. Women are fitting the corners of a puzzle together with other pieces. This jigsaw puzzle has no chance of lasting the...

October 1, 2018

In the warp and woof of daily living, no one is perfect. No one is doing it just right all the time. You know that, right?

Life can be beautiful like the zinnia and butterfly. Those are days we rejoice. But it’s not always perfect like that. Some days feel out of sorts...

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