December 31, 2018

On my way to town, I drive past houses where smoke from chimneys curls upward. It’s comforting to watch the updraft. I suddenly recall the boxy houses with chimneys that I once drew with a pencil as a child, always a curl of smoke climbing.

What I like about the smoke,...

November 12, 2018

Midmorning. We entered the parking lot at the church where we vote. We could not believe our eyes. So many cars. Wonderful turnout. We smiled.

We live in a rural area, so this does not fit with what we know. Usually, everything is brief. Briefly we enter the building, b...

September 24, 2018

Jimmy, my husband, actually posed this question in the truck. I laughed and changed the topic. I could not deal with it at the time. Later, I wrote this letter. (I kept it private and did not share it with him for three weeks.)

Dear husband,

If I died first, what would I...

March 12, 2018

I’m sharing a poem today. It was written by Bob Hicok.

I came across it days before my support group met. (I facilitate a support group for caregivers of loved ones with dementia.) Beautiful, resilient people in our group.

Researchers have found that caregiving can be da...

December 4, 2017

The tail end of fall is falling outside. Leaves pile up.

A holy thing.

My husband is disturbed by the leaves and wants time to mow them. Childhood comes to my mind every time I kick leaves. How I loved falling headlong into a pile. I say, “No hurry on that. I’m loving th...

November 13, 2017

I believe God brings the right people into our lives at the right time, so I have a story to tell:

A dark blue one-ton Dodge dually with a big enclosed trailer pulls in along the edge of the parking lot. It has the car wash attendant’s attention.

He watches the man open...

September 18, 2017

We are in the middle of the story. What is is, but we are not at the end of the story.

No more than the hummingbird I’m watching.

What triggered this thought was a pileup of people in need of prayers: a friend’s call about an upcoming procedure, a mom puzzling over her d...

September 4, 2017

I have been intoxicated all summer by wonder-winged butterflies. They bring me so much happiness.

What grabs me first is how gorgeous their stained-glass wings are. And I am simply charmed by their swerving and curving in flight. I stand in awe of them.

What do I gain fr...

June 26, 2017

Yesterday was a day of possibilities. Pillowy clouds against a blue sky.

Then a storm shoved its way through, snapping arms off maples, birches, cottonwoods, slamming red cannas face-down on the ground.

On looking at the aftermath, my husband and I stared long at the yar...

May 15, 2017

Embers in my throat. Coughing and miserable. I’ve overdone. Now, I’m undone.

I want to blame my schedule, my own private gong show, but a little voice says, No, it’s you. You made the choices, took the risks. Now, the consequences.

It’s May. I want to enjoy my birthday,...

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