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Human Beings, Hard and Soft

No idea, no clue how this happens. In the thick of the day, I can be as solid as rock, hard as I need to be, and then, safe enough to be soft like rose petals. Miraculous, the way we are put together. Hard and soft. Light falls, dappling its way through trees. I hear my hard side when I tell my friend, “No, that won’t fit for me.” What a simple little line. A dove coos out in the willow to the north of the porch. It calls out bravely, unafraid. Here’s the beauty. When one person stands up for what fits or does not fit, whatever is solid and right (according to God and His Word), everyone benefits. This past weekend, I sold books at a community event. I had a give-away drawing for a book or a

Hesychia House

Sometimes we need a break, a time-out. That can look like a fifteen-minute coffee break, an hour hidden away in a bedroom, or three days in a cabin on the river. Hesychia House is such a place. Here is how it works: Hesychia House Ministry 2663 Shipps Drive Norfork, Arkansas 72658 Hesychia (pronounced Hes e kī a) House is a safe place in the Ozarks for retreat, a place of stillness, a place where God can bless you with goodness, calm, wisdom, love, and vision. As your hosts, we (Jimmy and Pat Durmon) are pleased to have those whom God brings to us. Rest, stillness, and prayer bring renewal. We will pray for you while you are here on the premises. We do not disturb the guests. As hosts, we go


Embers in my throat. Coughing and miserable. I’ve overdone. Now, I’m undone. I want to blame my schedule, my own private gong show, but a little voice says, No, it’s you. You made the choices, took the risks. Now, the consequences. It’s May. I want to enjoy my birthday, friends, Mother's Day, family, roses, grandson’s graduation. But no, I have an allergy jumping up and down in my body, and it will no longer be ignored. Doctor, shots, medicines. What bad timing! Fragile and vulnerable. The only way open: to accept what I cannot change. When I’m this sick, this full of suffering, I look for relief everywhere. I find it in nature. Today it is cows. Cows? Really? Yes, cows. Cows grazing, cows l

A Letter

Dear Flood Victims, As I look at the photos on the internet of Northeast Arkansas, my jaw drops and tears well in my eyes. I’ve seen flooding, but not this far, not this wide. This is a tragedy. Water covers roads, houses, crops. I urge you to not trust your feelings. Feel the brokenness, but know that feelings come and go. Just part of the process, part of the story. No one is at fault. Not one person wants this for you. We live on the White River and have seen the river grow beyond its banks. We have never flooded, but friends, just a mile downstream, have flooded. Parts of our town (Norfork, Arkansas) have flooded. People living here check dam levels, river gauges, and watch creeks and ri

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